Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Praise Zoff Buffon Greatness

ROME - Italy's legendary goalkeeper, Dino Zoff, praised the current Italian national team goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon. In fact, he suspected Buffon can match his record with Gli Azzurri even exceed the record of 112 caps in his Caps.

"I always say, from the beginning, if Buffon was great and strong. He is still young and can accomplish far more things in his career," said Dino Zoff, as reported by Football-Italy, Wednesday (16/11/2011).

"Extraordinary career he has had was the result of the quality that he have as a player. If he can remain stable, then Buffon Italy will surpass my record without significant problems," he added.

But Doff remains proud of the record which he created with Juventus. Even though he confirms Buffon does not exceed the record. "He will not pass my record consecutive game with Juventus. He would not be able to equal it. I've done 332 appearances for the Bianconeri in Serie A," he said.

As is known, Zoff Buffon has equaled the face Uruguay in a friendly match at the Stadio Olimpico, early this morning. Buffon's current target is to pass with 126 caps Paolo Maldini and Fabio Cannavaro 136 caps with the Italian national team.


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