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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carroll Feel the Turning Point Performance

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool Bomber that had been drowned in a slump, began to feel a definite progress. Andy Carroll come to feel that the victory of Manchester United on Saturday night last, was the turning point of the game is increasing.
Carroll does not has contributed a goal for the Kop. However, the striker bought from Newcastle United were given a valuable role, his team to victory over the Red Devils.
"Apparently, now I've started to experience significant progress. All my colleagues are familiar with the way I play and so did I with the others. My colleagues here have helped me and I have to keep playing well again, "said Carroll, as reported by the Belfast Telegraph, Monday (01/30/2012).
Carroll purchased from The Toon cost of 35 million pounds in 2011 and then, presents four new goals for the Reds. The public also had questionable quality.
Even so, all personnel Liverpool did not turn away from it. Starting from the coach, Kenny Dalglish at Anfield to his colleagues, continued to support its progress. Carroll also admitted it. For him, without the support of the team, he felt would not be able to rise to the top level of play again.
"Everybody on this team and help support me during this. I love this club. The whole of my colleagues who practice together, very good to me. Not only in the field, but also off the field, "lid interpreter knocked on the birth of Gateshead, 23 years ago is.

Will the 'Domination' Barca End?

SINCE the arrival entranador Pep Guardiola, Barcelona has become a frightening good club in La Liga or the Champions League. But, there is a question whether the dominance that still survive or start to fade away this year?
Actually, the era of the triumph of Barca club began in the 2003 season. At that time, Azulgranas management decided to hire a trainer named Frank Rijkaard. Arrival entranador Dutchman, make Barca won a double winner in the 2004-2005 season.
Rijkaard's presence makes Barca game thick with short balls. Evidently, some degree succeeded powered by it. Having failed to win the title in the 2006-2007 season, management decided to sack Rijkaard and Guardiola replaced by young entranador the 2008 season.
Initially, many are questioning this Barca management decisions. Because, in part circles did not know who that Guardiola. But, it makes more triumphant arrival. The next year 2008-2009, Guardiola managed to dedicate six titles for Barca.
Since then, the dominance of Barca in La Liga and the Champions League is not unstoppable by any team, including Real Madrid. Various attempts have been pursued by Madrid to stop the dominance of Barca. Start bringing the world's most expensive player Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Kaka, until the famous coach Jose Mourinho.
Only in the 2010/2011 season Ronaldo et al break the dominance of Barca, even if it just happened at the Copa del Rey. In the ultimate party, El Madrid managed to topple Barca with 1-0 goal by Ronaldo. But, resistance Los Blancos just leave it at that. While the La Liga title and Champions League, again belongs to Barca.
In this season, Madrid are still trying to break the dominance of enemies. Although only removed by Barca in the Copa del Rey match, but Los Blancos certainly will not stop to destroy Azulgranas triumph in the land of Spain. Indeed, when viewed from the record of the meeting Barca and Madrid in the last three years, Xavi Hernandez et al still dominate over Ronaldo et al.
Evidently, since held by Mourinho, Los Blancos won just one match victory over Barca in El Clasico. Nevertheless, the consistent appearance when viewed from El Real in La Liga, it is not impossible Ronaldo et al managed to win the title. Currently, Madrid's La Liga lead the standings with seven points from the champions.
Barca's defeat was just one time. However, permasalahaannya is, Xavi et al too much to get a draw against mediocre teams. Conversely, if Madrid continue to maintain consistency and achieve victory, it is not impossible Madrid won the La Liga title from the hands of Barca.
So, will the Madrid managed to end the dominance of Barcelona in La Liga this year? Let's wait until the end of the season ...

Agent: Ibra More Great from Van Basten

MILAN - Zlatan Ibrahimovic's agent, Mino Raiola claimed that his client was better than AC Milan legend Marco van Basten. Higher praise than that given Rossoneri vice president Adriano Galliani.
According to Raiola, Ibrahimovic's performance continues to consistently cause large comparison with van Basten. He was judge, the Swedish international players more powerful than the player who led Holland to win Euro 1988's.
"He's stronger than Van Basten. Today I saw him up close (against Cagliari), I was surprised when I saw him play again," said Raiola Tribalfootball as reported on Monday (1/30/2012).
Regarding the possibility of whether Ibra would spend football career with the Rossoneri, Raiola is also an agent of the Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli is confirmed, the possibility is not closed because Ibra get everything at the San Siro.
"Closing his career at AC Milan? It was the career he (Ibrahim), I could not resist his will. In terms of the contract, he has received everything, "he said.
"He has the mental strength of a player to 200%. He has everything amazing. Ibra a complete player, "she says.
"Berlusconi even told me that Ibrahimovic was worth 150 million euros," he said.

Galliani: Milan Transfer Completed

MILAN - AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani refused to fully newspaper that said the Rossoneri would likely bring in more players before the transfer window in January ditutup.Nampaknya, Milan will close the book on the stock this time.
Milan has just announced it has signed Maxi Lopez of Catania last Friday, after admitting failing in an attempt to persuade Manchester City to release Carlos Tevez to the San Siro.
Galliani insisted the arrival of Maxi Lopez is more than enough to fill the void after the death of Antonio Cassano is still recovering after a mild stroke. Was also missing some players do not make Galliani think the Rossoneri must bring in more players in January.
"Tomorrow morning (Monday), I will be in the office and I'll be there until 31 January," Galliani told the Rossoneri's official website as reported by Goal, Monday (01/30/2012).
"I'm pretty sure that Maxi Lopez was the last player we have obtained from the transfer market, but who can know the future?" This bald-headed man said.
Milan are currently being hit by a storm injury, after Cassano, Gennaro Gattuso, Mathieu Flamini, Alberto Aquilani, and Kevin Prince-Boateng, Alexander Merkel joined following the last injury, when he had just returned from his loan from Genoa.

Remind Puyol Do not Find Reason

BARCELONA - Barcelona defender and captain Carles Puyol reminded his colleagues for not looking for excuses for their poor performance when held to a goalless draw by Villarreal 0-0. Puyol refused if the cause of poor Barca players because of fatigue.
According Puyol, Barcelona has been used to playing every three days. Puyol also can understand the disappointment of his teammates and also the Barcelonistas but insists that Barca will not give up chasing La Liga title since the competition is still a long journey.
One further point from El Madrigal Stadium on the weekend make a difference in the numbers with Real Madrid widened to seven points after a successful Madrid 3-1 victory over Real Zaragoza.
"There's no excuse. The players are used to playing every three days, "Puyol said as quoted by the official club website on Monday (1/30/2012).
"The team will react. We will do much more, whatever is necessary so that we can win again. La Liga has not been completed. We will not give up, "said defender from Spain 33-year-old.

As great as Van Basten Ibra

MILAN - AC Milan striker looks neat Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Rossoneri a 3-0 victory over Cagliari early this morning to invite praise to the skies from Adriano Galliani. CEO Milan Ibra did not even hesitate to equate with Rossoneri legend of Dutch origin, Marco van Basten.
According to Galliani, the Swedish international players continue to show consistent performance and it is quite possible in the future he could become a legend like Van Basten.
"There's no point in talking about Ibrahimovic again, he's a fantastic player, everyone can see it," said Galliani as reported by Goal, Monday (01/30/2012).
"He was amazing, he is so similar to Van Basten," he added.
Ibra scored one goal in Milan's 3-0 win over Cagliari in a match held at the San Siro stadium. The goal was to add pundit-purses former Barcelona player's goals to 15 goals in Serie A.
Milan remains second ranked Serie A standings, they are just one point adrift of league leaders Juventus who also earned full points after the overthrow Udinese 2-1.

Absent Opponents Pedro Valencia

BARCELONA - Barcelona striker Pedro Rodriguez certainly miss his club during the first leg against Valencia in the Copa del Rey semi-final at the Mestalla Stadium on Wednesday (02.01.2012) the day after tomorrow. Pedro sidelined since suffering a thigh injury.
As reported by Sports on Monday (1/30/2012), 24-year-old wing attacker was also doubtful as Barcelona host Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou in the Champions league on Saturday (4/2/2012) future.
Pedro suffered a thigh injury during the 2-2 draw against Real Madrid in the second leg Copa del Rey quarter-final at Camp Nou in midweek. As a result of the injury Pedro was absent when Barcelona played a 0-0 draw at home to Villarreal last weekend.
Not known for sure how long the actual players who have played 27 times and scored seven goals in all competitions this season but will miss the news is of course a bad news for Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola.
Pedro will follow Ibrahim Affelay, Andreu Fontas, David Villa and Andres Iniesta who had already entered the table Barca care.

Praise the Power of Character Matri Juve

Turin - Juventus victory over Udinese hero Alessandro Matri praised his team's strength of character that reacts appropriately when Udinese had equalized. Matri then mention that this season is a year full of emotion for the Bianconeri.
In a match which ended 2-1 to Juventus, Matri showed his class by buying up all the Bianconeri winning goal. Matri goals scored in the 42nd minute and the 62nd, while the goal Udinese Antonio Floro Flores scored in the 56th minute.
"An important test, where we showed great character when reacted over Udinese equalizing goal position," said Matri as quoted from the official website of Juventus on Monday (1/30/2012).
The attacker was 27-year-old Italian did not forget to praise the Juventus coach Antonio Conte strategies that alter the Bianconeri a 3-5-2 formation. This is done to mimic the formation Udinese.
"Coach did a great job and even when we changed our formation we still remain capable of doing the best," said Matri.
Former Cagliari striker was then called the adventures at Juventus this season as a full-color travel. Matri hope Juve trip of the season will end happily.
"In the full emotion. Last year we ended the season not as good as we expected, but now everything goes well, "said Matri.

Losing Milan Merkel Two Months

MILAN - AC Milan finally gave in to the latest definitive information related injuries gelandangnya, Alexander Merkel. Young German midfielder was rumored to be sidelined for several weeks.

Merkel, the new quarterback in the call to go home after serving half of his first season at Genoa, suffered an injury in his first match with Milan. Merkel suffered an injury to his knee during Milan's 3-1 win over Lazio in the Coppa Italia quarter-final, (27 / 1) then.

Now, after three days of tests, Milan medical team finally claimed that Merkel had wounds on his right knee ligaments. Midfielder 19 years is actually recommended to undergo surgery, but because the consequences will be absent long, Merkel chose to undergo physiotherapy.

According to estimates by the club medical teams, Merkel must undergo a recovery program for "eight weeks, in order to avoid any complications." So the announcement on the official website of Milan-Italy Football was quoted as saying on Monday (1/30/2012).

Merkel injury practically makes Milan back in crisis in midfield. Previously, Milan could not lose Kevin Prince Boateng, Alberto Aquilani, Mathieu Flamini and Gennaro Gattuso are constrained injury.


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