Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maradona: Guardiola Will Move to Inter!

DUBAI - Argentina legend, Diego Maradona, has a 'filling' that if Pep Guardiola moved from Barcelona, then Inter Milan coach Guardiola will. Maradona also admired Guardiola and call it a tremendous coach.

Lately, rumors displacement Guardiola from Barcelona sticking to the public. Because, so far there is no certainty Guardiola will sign a new contract, even though his contract runs out this season. This makes Maradona speculate about the new port Guardiola.

"I think if he (Pep Guardiola) will leave Barcelona, then he will move to Inter (Milan)," Maradona said in an interview with El Economista, as reported by the Goal, Wednesday (01/25/2012).

Maradona, who had defended Barcelona in 1982 until 1984 is also admired the performance of Guardiola as coach of Barca. This makes giving praise to Guardiola.

"He will probably accept an offer from around the world. He is a tremendous coach and was fortunate to work with the world's best players at Barca, "he said.


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