Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carroll Feel the Turning Point Performance

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool Bomber that had been drowned in a slump, began to feel a definite progress. Andy Carroll come to feel that the victory of Manchester United on Saturday night last, was the turning point of the game is increasing.
Carroll does not has contributed a goal for the Kop. However, the striker bought from Newcastle United were given a valuable role, his team to victory over the Red Devils.
"Apparently, now I've started to experience significant progress. All my colleagues are familiar with the way I play and so did I with the others. My colleagues here have helped me and I have to keep playing well again, "said Carroll, as reported by the Belfast Telegraph, Monday (01/30/2012).
Carroll purchased from The Toon cost of 35 million pounds in 2011 and then, presents four new goals for the Reds. The public also had questionable quality.
Even so, all personnel Liverpool did not turn away from it. Starting from the coach, Kenny Dalglish at Anfield to his colleagues, continued to support its progress. Carroll also admitted it. For him, without the support of the team, he felt would not be able to rise to the top level of play again.
"Everybody on this team and help support me during this. I love this club. The whole of my colleagues who practice together, very good to me. Not only in the field, but also off the field, "lid interpreter knocked on the birth of Gateshead, 23 years ago is.


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