Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 Steps to Success Juve 2 Year Again

Turin - During the transfer window this season, Juventus is very active and have bought some quality players. Three players back with two of them will fill as a central defender, three central midfielders and a striker.
Some players who signed during the summer transfer takes place adding quality squad and also reduce the problem in various positions since Juventus back to Serie A.
Juventus have also brought new oelatih who knows the ins and outs of the Bianconeri. But according to a report Bleacher Report, Thursday (04/08/2011), there are five reasons why Juventus likelihood will be back Berjaya two more seasons. Here are five reasons:
1. Costume PinkWith costume Pink, of course, the original colors of Juventus and will be used when Juve do away games, hoping to be lucky. The problem, Juve always difficult to win a team landless in their away matches. By using this jersey, Juve hopes to restore the glory of them.
2. Experienced coaches and Have PersonalityAfter Claudio Ranieri, Ciro Ferarra, Alberto Zacheroni, and Luigi Del Neri, the club finally bought a coach who has experience and also understand what he was thinking at this club. Of all the coaches, just Ferarra familiar with Juventus. Unfortunately, he did not train properly and get the pressure that comes and less skilled in managing the team. All three other coaches have no ambition and does not give the senior players in their support.
The presence of Conte apparently favored by the fans and his young players, not least the player who has great respect for his parents. He also trained in several years with the condition of the team in difficult circumstances. Conte also know what to think Juventus will push some players to show the spirit of play.
3.Strategi CoachThen the other experiences in the field, Conte knew her Juventus in the field. His teams always play attacking in the game and always had the ball. The main problem during trained at Juventus Del Neri is how your team does not know how to penetrate the defense especially when dealing with a small team.
On the other hand, Conte has been working for hours with his team on board to ensure that they have different plans for a formidable defense. Short-passing game ball and controlling the speed and tempo of the game will also help the team. Conte tactics may prove to be one of the main reasons for the club won the title.
4. New PlayersJuventus still need to fill the new peamin weaknesses in defense. Especially on the wing defender, Paolo De Ceglie especially absent due to injury. This position is a major focus in which Juventus struggled to find the right player for this position. Juve also have to choose between Armand Traore and Fabio Grosso is slow for the left back position.
Because Marco Motta was terrible position at right-back and Grygera too slow, not even a player who can be trusted to menukangi this position well. At the end of the season, Gorgio Chiellini and Fredrik Sorensen who fills the position of full back, but none of them play with the best. During the summer, Juventus have signed Stephan Lichtsteiner and Reto Ziegler, and Paolo De Ceglie has also returned from injury.
New 5.StadionThe new Stadium will be the biggest step by every Italian team in the last 20 years. New homes where Juventus will provide a good atmosphere and a source of income for the club over the years.
The stadium is a symbol of pride and confidence to Juventus and hopefully it will bring fans and players together for a degree that many in the future. Hopefully, the first season at the new stadium will be a success and fortune, and would be a stronghold for the Bianconeri for the future.


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