Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leonardo "dumped" Moratti

MILAN, Italy - Leonardo Araujo finally open voice termination associated with Inter Milan. Leonardo actually admitted he was ready to resume his job with La Beneamata next season.
Brazilian coach Gian Piero Gasperini replaced some time ago after rumors Leonardo leave sticking out. Amid the rampant rumors of a move to Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Leonardo does not speak much to the media.
When it's actually an active president Massimo Moratti gave the news about the prospective successor to the former AC Milan architect. Only now, Leonardo bluntly. But, he actually reveals a shocking statement.
Leonardo confess actually still wanted to continue his cooperation with La Beneamata, until he finally realized with the announcement of the contract thrown out Moratti Gasperini.
"After winning the Coppa Italia, where I was very happy because it's first trophy as a coach, I was then on vacation in Brazil," Leonardo said in a press conference.
"Then I held a meeting with Inter to discuss plans for the new season and we are ready to work for it," added the former Milan midfielder.
In fact, Leonardo admitted Moratti who advised him to accept the offer PSG as sporting director, although until now the recognition has not yet reached an agreement with the Ligue 1 club.
"I then received a call about PSG, from people who have not bought the club, they wanted to talk to me about their plans," I'm Leo.
"I spoke to Moratti and say do not know what I should do. I went to Doha and informed about their plans (potential buyer Wednesday) for PSG, "continued the coach of 41 years.
"My first response is not possible to join them. The new season has begun to be prepared. Then I talked with Moratti and he told me this golden opportunity. He treats me like his son, I then to Brazil to continue to think, "beber Leo.
More surprisingly, Leonardo still does not make decisions even when a number of potential successors sticking out in the media. Leo realized his cooperation contract terminated after the exit announcement Gasperini.
"I still think when rumors about Marcelo Bielsa in the media. I am ready to stay at Inter and had not spoken to PSG until three days ago, "he said.
"I remember what Moratti said before Gasperini came, he insisted I was a coach of Inter," Leo added.
"Only when we break the contract Gasperini agreed cooperation. since that's when I was free to do anything new until now, "he said, disitat Football-Italy, on Friday (08/07/2011).


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