Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coach Michel Sevilla

SEVILLA - Sevilla finally officially choose a new coach, he is Jose Miguel Gonzalez. This is related to the sacking previous coach. Marcelino Garcia Toral on Monday, yesterday.

As reported previously, Sevilla decided to dismiss Marcelino Garcia said after his club won a pretty poor results in recent matches. In fact, Sevilla should be down to the 11th rank in the standings La Liga this season.

In fact, this team never win in the league since early December. That is why the club decided to make the dismissal to Marcelino.

As reported by AFP on Thursday (09.02.2012), Sevilla finally appoint new coach who is better known as Michel when he was playing at Real Madrid. Michel will fill the coaching chair until the end of this season and if his team can qualify for the Champions League then the contract will be extended automatically.

The new coach is expected to increase the Sevilla game, because the previous coach judged to have failed to give a touch is good enough for the team. Currently Sevilla has 26 points from 21 matches which dilakoninya.

Sevilla to within four points above the relegation zone and six points behind the Champions League zone. The team itself was never achieve success by winning the UEFA Cup in a row in 2006 and 2007


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