Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Players that Will flee from Emirates

Comments after the AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic who supports Robin van Persie to leave Arsenal. Is the Dutch national team striker to stay at Arsenal? Or he would think to leave the Emirates Stadium next season?
But there are five players who will likely leave the Arsenal because it is rarely a place or display a disappointing performance, both in the eyes of coach Arsene Wenger and the fans view. So that the players were thinking about leaving the Emirates.
Through Blacher Report, columnist Joe Tansey gave five players who will leave from Arsenal next season and along with the reasons:
A. Johan DjorouThere are a lot of disappointing performances of these players are shown for four seasons Arsenal defense. Swiss International players that have done wrong this season and not just the fans who called for it to go from the Emirates Stadium, but also the analysis and critic.
The 29-year player was loaned to Birmingham City Arsenal in the 2007-2008 season and he's better than playing in the Championship division in the Premier League.
2. Andrei ArshavinOther players who have demonstrated achievement is berseragan The Gunners Andrei Arshavin. Russian international players have entered the third season Arsenal defense and by the looks of the fading at the Emirates.
He began to think to be performed regularly to get the allotment in the Russian national team at Euro 2012 next event. But his ambitions do not seem to be found at Arsenal. So it is likely he will menceri new club as soon as possible.
3. Thomas RosickyRosicky is one of a handful of older players who held the Gunners. Which he has trod 31 years and it made him think for hjirah to another club as soon as possible. For the love Arsenal youngster in the squad.
Moreover, some very talented young players, there's Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Alex Song, and Jack Wilshere who alternately fill the Arsenal midfield. He himself only as a coating when the players are injured. So Rosicky will only get to play consistently.
4. Sebastien SquillaciNew defend one game with a duration of nine minutes in the Premier League this season, becoming the worst season record for 31-year defender. And, it seems that the Frenchman was feeling down and performance will soon be leaving Arsenal this summer.
5. Park Chu-YoungSouth Korean player is a player who was brought in last August transfer window deadline. But unfortunately he did not shine in his first season with the Cannons London.
Park Chu-Young Tampi only 5 times since digaet of AS Monaco, the club is no stranger in the eyes of Wenger. Many said Park had to leave the Gunners because of the difficulty of getting a place in the team.
Because he had to fight for a place in the middle of South Korea's national team to compete at the 2014 World Cup qualifying zone of Asia. Otherwise, not only lost his place in the national team, he also will lose his captain tires.


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