Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arsenal Target: Trophy Big Four

LONDON - After a very little chance of Arsenal to win the trophy this season, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger began to be realistic and aim 'fourth major trophy'.
Opportunities for the Gunners in the Champions League trophy is very heavy considering they have to pursue a four goal deficit at the Emirates Stadium, after losing 4-0 at San Siro by AC Milan in the first leg 16.
While in the arena of the Carling Cup, Arsenal has been eliminated in the quarter-finals by Manchester City, FA Cup and Robin van Persie had to go home first cs bent over Sunderland. Thus, the most reasonable target is to finish in fourth place standings, given their chance to win the Premier League has also been closed.
"People are always asking the same question, but the major trophies we are finishing in the top four and it is still possible for us," Wenger said as reported by ESPN on Monday (2/20/2012). "I believe that it is very important to us, so let's focus on that," he added.
Arsene Wenger believes it will finish as the top four win a trophy this season. Upon awakening in the middle of the Gunners this season, the north London club is a serious setback two weeks in various competitions.
"When all the players in a fit condition, we have what it takes for the competition and we'll add what's needed," said French coach is.
"But when we do not make plans for next season, we made plans for the next game," he added.
Wenger also revealed that one obstacle Arsenal this season is the number of injured players and make the crippled team. In fact, the Gunners have played in four different competitions. Former coach of Nagoya Grampus Eight is also only hope that the list of injured players is not increased.
"We lost a lot of great players. Until February Jack Wilshere has not played any games, as well as Abou Diaby, (Per) Mertesacker sidelined until the end of the season and (Andre) Santos sidelined for three months," he explained.
"It would be difficult for any club in the world to address the problem. But let's win the next game and we will come back fine, "he said.


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