Sunday, February 19, 2012

Messi: It's the answer to those who doubt I

BARCELONA - Lionel Messi helped Barcelona threw a magic moment guests Valencia 5-1. Argentina striker scored four goals quattrick alias.

Messi's game marks the 200nya with Barca in La Liga perfectly. Host Valencia at Camp Nou, early this morning, Barca won 5-1. Messi to be the main actor behind the victory with four goals gelontoran. While one additional goal Barca Xavi Hernandez scored in injury time.

Responding to the golden notch, Messi dedicate these goals to a teammate who continues to give him confidence. Quattrick incision is also addressed to those who have criticized the performance which had dropped in recent months.

"There is always a period of a year, where people say (Messi played badly)," said Messi explained that had experienced a difficult period as quoted in the U.S. on Monday (2/20/2012).

"But, my confidence has never faded, because they always won the trust of colleagues, trainers and the people at Barca. So this is what concerns me and makes me always feel happy, "added the striker who has just listed his name as the youngest player to Barca-200 through the game


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