Sunday, February 19, 2012

Success for Mou: La Liga champions Madrid

MADRID - Jose Mourinho did not care excellence Real Madrid successfully slashed Barcelona. Mourinho is a success for Madrid managed to lift the trophy at the end of La Liga this season.
Yes, this time Madrid's La Liga standings comfortably. Los Blancos 10 points ahead of defending champions Barcelona. However, Mourinho insists only interested in winning the La Liga at the end of the season.
In fact, the former architect of Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan will still be very happy, if Iker Casillas et al managed to win La Liga, although only one point ahead of the eternal rival at the end of the season.
"It's very clear, that we maintain keuggulan ranked second on the team is very good for us, and this makes Barcelona is in a very difficult situation," Mourinho said in a press conference quoted by the Guardian, Saturday (18/02/2012).
"We must continue to work the same way. Therefore, our rival is a very tough team, who can get a good result," continued the entranador berpasport Portugal.
Entranador who managed to bring Inter won the treble that confirms its intention to bring Madrid to win the title as soon as possible. Therefore, Mourinho hopes his troops continued to win every game.
"We want to win every game and won the league as soon as possible. However, there is still a success, if in the end Madrid can only win by one point only," he said.


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