Monday, February 20, 2012

Fergie Will Remain Devoted to the United

MANCHESTER - Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, has been entered and immediately after senjanya will definitely retire from office during this time. However, Fergie stated if he will still continue to serve for the Red Devils.

The coach who is familiarly called Fergie's been 12 years as coach of United and made ​​his team into one of the strongest clubs in the world. Considering the age factor is now 70 years old and stepping in two or three years more likely Fergie will decide to retire.

Even so, the Scot is convinced he still has an important role for the Red Devils. Therefore, he will continue to serve with United, despite having retired later. Similarly, the former United player, Sir Bobby Charlton who was instrumental in United's to the present.

"I will continue to be active and serve. I feel there will be a role for me is quite important at Manchester United when I've retired, "said Ferguson as quoted by the Guardian, Tuesday (02/21/2012).

"I do not know how long it will stay with United (as coach). However, if my health remains fit, then I feel United will continue to train until two or three years away and it will not hurt me, "he continued.

Although, Fergie has not decided to retire. However, some names have emerged as a potential successor, among others, Ryan Giggs and Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho.


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