Monday, February 27, 2012

After the Euro, Gerrard Want Retirement from National Team

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard, began to think he will retire from the England scene after Euro 2012. He felt any doubt as to his condition with injuries that often lately.

Gerrard's injury is often held in the last two seasons with Liverpool began to plan to withdraw from the England squad after Euro 2012. He felt such resignation will make it play long enough for Liverpool.

"I have to sit down and start thinking of retirement (from England) after the event Euro this summer," said Gerrard reported a case of Soccerway on Tuesday (02/28/2012).

Gerrard himself admitted he was not talking about pengundurann to anyone and indeed have not been decided also to retire. Players who have turned 31 this year are still thinking about his decision and will focus first on the Liverpool and Euro 2012.

He is still doubt as to the condition that will come and it makes are still doubts about his future in the national team. He was aware that his decision will surely reap a lot of criticism or her statement.

"I understand what's going to be questioned by many people when I decide it. However, it should be noted is that when I retired does not mean I do not want to come back to play for the country. Because, being a captain in the national team makes me extremely proud, "said Gerrard.

Gerrard himself has served as England captain in 89 matches that he lakoni. He himself wanted menggenapkannya to 100, but still leave it up to the coach. "It all depends on who the new coach's decision," he concluded.


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