Monday, February 27, 2012

Silva: Every Players Dream costumed Barcelona

MILAN - AC Milan defender Thiago Silva admitted that he knew of her interest in Barcelona. However, the current Brazilian international was admitted just want to focus with the Rossoneri.
27-year-old player said he did not know his future at Milan until when. Clearly, the Blaugrana knew he wanted because his colleagues in Barcelona disclose it.
"I do not know what will happen to my future," Silva said as reported by Mundo Deportivo on Tuesday (28/02/2012).
"Through some friends there, I know that Barcelona are interested in me, but for now there is no concrete offer," he said.
"I leave these questions to my agent, but now that I think of is to re-take Milan as the Serie A champions again," he said.
Silva then also praised Barcelona as the best team in the world, and this statement seemed to imply the possibility of her move to the Catalan club.
"Catalan is the best team in the world, even if they are not through the happy, now. Every player dreams to play at a big club like Barcelona," said the player who is also targeted by Real Madrid this.
"Now, I just focus on Milan. They are a club that allows me to fulfill my dream, which is playing on a great team," he said.


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