Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mourinho: Where Loyalty, Madridista?

MADRID - Raut disappointment emanating from the face of Jose Mourinho after his team's 1-0 win over Rayo Vallecano. However, Mou was not disappointed because the game his team is less appropriate, but for fans. Why?

Mourinho was disappointed with the attitude of the supporters or so-called Madridista Madrid, which does not provide full support for his favorite team when a visit to the Campo de futbol de Vallecas, Rayo's headquarters on Sunday (2/27/2012) last night.

In those games, not much is Madridista present to provide support to Cristiano Ronaldo et al. Recorded only about 300 loyal fans in attendance witnessed a beautiful goal by Ronaldo backheel kick.

This condition instantly create Mou began to question the loyalty Madridista. In addition, Mou also blamed when the advance schedule of games into the late afternoon, another factor that makes Madrid supporters are not fully supported.

"The decision to advance into the game at 15:00 (local time) is pretty good. It's like a football game at age 70 or 80, "Mou said sarcastically dimajukannya related fixtures.

"However, that makes me sad is that we played in Madrid. However, I only saw around 300 fans (Madrid) sitting in the stands, "complained Mourinho told Sky Sports on Monday (2/27/2012).

"I understand if they (Madridista) are reluctant to go to Bilbao or Malaga (because of the distance). But this match played in Madrid. Fans should give more support to us, "said the Portuguese coach who some time ago had got cemohan of Madridista for failing to deliver a victory over Barcelona in this season.


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