Monday, December 5, 2011

Rear solid line is a key Arsenal

LONDON - Per Mertesacker was satisfied with the performance of Arsenal's back line so far. Despite some ups and downs in the early matches, Arsenal are now back behind the line of solid and according to the German defender, trust each other to be the key to Arsenal's solid back line.

Kokohnya back line has become one of the basic resurrection of Arsenal from the downturn. Arsene Wenger is not wrong to move quickly to recruit Mertesacker because his presence makes Arsenal midfield grow sturdy, though not joined since the beginning of the season.

"We're trying to mobilize the best in every game. We do not undergo the pre-season together and we have been struggling to get our performance together and trust each other in every game, "he said as quoted by Goal Mertesacker, Tuesday (06/12/2011).

"We are in the last 16 of Champions League and the Premier League we are in a good position, we want to keep that way," he added.

Mertesacker also try to describe instances in which the back line got a big test. He was trying to re-turn to the end of last week when the Gunners won 0-4 over Wigan large.

"At the beginning (match last Saturday), Wigan tried to approach the line behind us and it was very difficult. They have a good tempo and good speed in their game. But we were careful and did a great job in the last half, "he said


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