Friday, December 9, 2011

El Clasico, Barcelona Must be Perfect

BARCELONA - Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has highlighted the need to juggle his team to a perfect game for the Blaugrana have the best chance of beating Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu.
Los Blancos will entertain the kids Catalan on Sunday (11/12/2011) early morning hrs in advanced Spanish La Liga. Speaking at a press conference ahead of El Clasico, 40-year-old coach told reporters that he was Jose Mourinho predicts troops will perform hit since the first minute of the match.
"I got the impression that Madrid will be chosen to suppress us. When a person applying it, it is normal they are pressed will play the same way. I had to create the perfect game to win," said Guardiola as reported by Goal, Saturday (10 / 12/2011).
"It is always emotionally charged, the opportunity to play on the field in the big game and force a victory. We're going to base leaders, to give everything we have. Play and deploy the best that we possibly can do," he said.
Guardiola then asked about whether the position of his club that is now behind Madrid in La Liga will have an impact on the game later, but he quickly dismissed that theory, and claimed that the most important factor is how each team read their opponent's abilities.
"I do not think the position in the standings will greatly affect the game," he said. "Playing in accordance with league rankings have no value," he continued
"The most important thing is knowing your opponent and knowing your strengths and weaknesses against them. We must pay attention to how positional play them, their strategies, and their counterattack," he said.
Are now three points behind Barcelona from Madrid who topped the standings La Liga Spain. Los Blancos also have one game fewer than the Blaugrana.


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