Thursday, December 15, 2011

Walcott: Arsenal Back Rise

LONDON - Arsenal, Theo Walcott has been re-assess his team at Performance best by continuing to maintain the positive trend of victory. He also believes the new players will soon adapt to the Arsenal team.

"The new players we really need time to blend and adapt to the team. Although between them had never played in the Premier League before, "he explained as quoted by the Evening Standard, Thursday (15/12/2011).

"But now they began to blend with our games, although we still have some problems. And at the beginning of this season, everything is not running with our plans. "

"Indeed, each team takes time to bounce back, and I hope we have been through it and learn from our failures at the beginning of this season," he continued.

Arsenal, who have won seven of eight games last victory was in the top five Premier League standings with 29 points. The thing, make very sure if his team Walcott will be back on board. One way is by beating rivals Manchester City this weekend.

"Seeing we play in these last few games, shows how we are able to return to the top. However, we do not want to look too far, for now we are more concentrations for the next game and that's what we'll do," he said.


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