Monday, December 19, 2011

Corruption, President Sevilla 7.5 Year Prison Sentence

MALAGA - Due to its involvement of corruption, fraud and embezzlement of funds, Suprema de Sevilla, José Maria del Nido was sentenced to prison for 7.5 years, by a municipal court prosecutor from Málaga.
Tuntuntan, based on an investigation, against a variety of embezzlement in a case of 'Minutas', which occurred from 1999 to 2003. At that time, Del Nido is still 'nyambi' as lawyers and government lawyers in the city of Marbella
As reported by Soccerway, Tuesday (20/12/2011), in truth the public prosecutor, filed a 30-year prison sentence for Del Nido, however, the court ruled that the penalty is lower, namely 7.5 years.
Originally, not only Del Nido who reap the 'storm', but also a former mayor of Marbella, Julian Muñoz with the same verdict. Meanwhile, a former adviser to the city of Marbella, Juan Antonio Roca, was sentenced to four years in the hotel without cost.
Until recently, there has been no action from the authorities, because of his plans, Den Nido and colleagues, it would appeal, the Supreme Court in Madrid.


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