Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prestige Slide Messi Maradona

BUENOS AIRES - Lionel Messi Before the world, the main character of Argentine football is always under the shadow of the hegemony of Diego Maradona's playing style. But now, has changed direction, ie referring to Messi.
This was said by a former retainer of the Argentine national team, Juan Roman Riquelme, recently. Perhaps that statement, did not represent the millions of citizens of Argentina, but as one human being Argentine soccer, Riquelme statement is, no one to serve as a benchmark of modern Argentine football lately.
According to him again, fame Messi has taken over dogma idol fans young footballers of Argentina and Argentina, from the living legend, Maradona to Messi, who has won everything (except series trophies for his country).
"I was lucky enough, grew up in the golden era of Diego Maradona, who was always hailed as the best Argentine people of all time," Riquelme said, as quoted Yahoosports, Tuesday (12/20/2011).
"After I saw him play, I usually took to the streets with my friends, playing ball and consider myself is Maradona. I would comment to myself by saying, 'Maradona had the ball', like that, "recalls 33-year-old midfielder.
"Now, my son who now pretend to be Messi when playing ball. He started kicking the ball and said, 'Messi had the ball'. For people my age, Maradona always be a 'hero'. But for the younger generation, like my son, Messi was their hero, "concluded the ex-notch team personnel Tango with 51 caps and 17 goals.


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