Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Morocco, Host Club World Cup 2013 and 2014

Rabat - For the first time, the Club World Cup, will be held outside of Japan. After several submissions that go into FIFA, Morocco eventually chosen to host the Club World Cup, two and three years.
Previously, the Club World Cup which is the transformation of the Toyota Cup, was always held in Japan. But, after the entry of a number of suggestions, FIFA agreed to the proposal. To determine, then FIFA running bidding for each country that wants to hold the world's top club event.
Road to Morocco to host, in truth not too difficult. Initially there are four countries that submitted proposals, namely Morocco itself, South Africa, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. However, the three countries withdrew, and left Morocco, as a single competitor.
Morocco-man football was applauded for it. Of course, champions league Morocco, could plunge into the Club World Cup, without having to be African Champions League.
Not only that, globally, the election of Morocco will be a good opportunity for African teams shine. Anyone representatives of African Champions League, will definitely play better than tournaments the Club World Cup before.
"I think, this is very nice. Morocco is not just for football, but also Africa.In fact, you could have a case of this prestigious tournament in the continent of Africa. Moroccan society itself loves football, and they certainly would love to see the European team to play against other best teams in the world ", says Pim Verbeek, Olympic soccer team coach Morocco to the BBC, Tuesday (20/12/2011).
Meanwhile, the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter is not less happy. Blatter is known, strongly supports the development of African football, so far. Blatter also believes, Morocco can be a good host will be.
"We've given a presentation of the Federation of Moroccan and I hope this tournament will run fine on all aspects of Morocco, such as logistics, culture and finance," added Blatter.(


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