Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rarely Shown, Andy Carroll to $ 2 Billion Bonus

LIVERPOOL - It was lucky for Liverpool, Andy Carroll, the article, he will be getting a bonus of 150 thousand Pounds or equivalent to Rp 2 billion from his club. Although he has not contributed significantly to the Reds.

Carroll purchased from Newcastle with prices quite expensive it is, the new 35 million pounds to play as much as 13 times with Liverpool, because the coach Kenny Dalglish is often put in reserve.

According to reports Dailymail, Thursday (12/14/2011), in contract 22-year-old player with Liverpool there is an agreement bonus of 150 thousand pounds each year through the duration of the contract expires.

Andy Carroll himself has an income of 60 thousand Pounds per weekend while in Liverpool. Not only that, there was additional revenue of the commercial rights of 10 thousand pounds and will get a bonus of five thousand pounds when playing in one game.

Carroll himself could have raised his salary next year, but it's all going to be difficult with poor Performance which he gave to the Reds and many rarely played by Dalglish. Injury to himself also become an obstacle for him to increase the coffers of wealth.


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