Monday, December 19, 2011

"Victory Over Arsenal Influential Great!"

MANCHESTER - Vincent Kompany was achieved 1-0 victory over Manchester City Arsenal great effect for his team. It was also recognized by the City goalkeeper, Joe Hart who was now his team has risen from failure.
The Players The Citizens are still shadowed by dark memory eliminated from the Champions League and lost 1-2 to Chelsea last weekend. Even so, they could rise, and although the win by a nose, it was very appreciated by Kompany is pleased with these results.
"It's very big (influence) for us, we do not underestimate the importance of this match and we were all happy with the results to keep the team did not concede," said Kompany as reported from Tribalfootball, Monday (19/12/2012).
"We have been looking for a lot of goals and can print in large quantities, but we were not able to finish the chances we have today, even though individually we win all our challenges," he added.
City was displaced by Manchester United at the top of the standings as the rival of QPR won 2-0. This makes the victory over Arsenal City back to the top of the standings, and this is in accordance with the wishes of City goalkeeper, Joe Hart.
"We put pressure on ourselves. Manchester United team are brilliant, but we know we have work to do this (win) this afternoon (local time,-ed) and if we win we go back to where we want (the top).
Joe Hart also feels this victory is a symbol of the resurrection of his team by saying, "(bad memories) Champions League and Chelsea had vanished. You have to arouse yourself and move forward, and we have done. "


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