Sunday, December 11, 2011

Permanent Intend Redknapp's Adebayor

LONDON - The graph games shown increased rapidly with Tottenham Hotspur's Emanuel Adebayor no doubt get a positive credit from Harry Redknapp. Premier League veteran architect that wants to bind Adebayor with a permanent contract from Manchester City.
Until now, the status of Adebayor is still the Lilywhites on loan from City. So far, Adebayor has scored 7 goals in 11 appearances. Impressive is not it? Therefore, do not be surprised if a team from North London's former Arsenal striker wanted to tie it with a permanent contract.
Although not easy to realize these intentions, Redknapp insisted on maintaining Adebayor in the squad. Understandably, to this City have not bought a green light to release the Togo striker to White Hart Lane.
"I would love it if he were here with full time. It will be difficult. But we love it, "hope Redknapp was quoted Goal Sunday (11/12/2011).
"He has done it with incredible to us. He gives a lot of movement during play and he is difficult to control (when playing), "Questioning Redknapp praised the qualities of Adebayor during a duel.
Redknapp did not think, Adebayor figures look unruly reputation had when he was still costumed Arsenal. In fact, according to him Adebayor has no problem with his personality.
"I have enjoyed having him here. He was as good as gold. He's not a matter of a minute, "said Redknapp. "He's an important player for us and he knows it. He has been through 11 games and we have won 10 games and one draw. So of course, you can not complain about his start here.
"He's very excited. He came every day, he enjoyed his time practicing and he looks very good here. I have just spoken to him, telling him how good here, "added Redknapp
"I think he has been doing well for us and how he has become a key player for the team and we really liked it," completion.


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