Tuesday, December 6, 2011

beat Valencia, Chelsea Translucent Big 16

Chelsea made sure to look into the Champions League last 16 after shave Valencia 3-0 at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday (7 / 12) pm dawn.
Didier Drogba contributed two goals for the victory of the Blues. While Ramires scored one other goal against Valencia.
This defeat makes Valencia must be satisfied to continue his luck on the European scene by appearing on stage Europa League.Valencia appearance is actually quite convincing since the beginning of the fight. Even in the statistical record of mastery of the ball, El Che actually look more dominant than the home team.
But Chelsea were able to show his class as one of the elite teams in the European stage. Three minutes of action has been running, Drogba managed to break through the cooperation of the opposing goal with Juan Mata is slick. This goal was a crack of the motivation for the Blues to victory.
In contrast to Valencia, this goal also increasingly prompting them to retaliate. Understandably, this fight became the fight of life and death for both if you want to qualify for the round of 16.
Two minutes later of being broken, Valencia could provide a threat to the Chelsea defense. Unfortunately, Jordi Alba kicks it still can not find the target as well.
In the midst of aggressiveness and dominance of Valencia, the Blues turned back again to steal a goal. This time it was a thrilling Ramires who was escorted by goalkeeper Diego Alves. Ramires scored after getting the ball from Drogba sodoran.
The second goal was a very heavy blow to the squad room. Efforts to dismantle the Chelsea defense layer endless fruitless until the interval of rest.
Dead-end situation that never changes make Valencia coach Unai Emery to make changes in the 55th minute. Artiz striker Aduriz signed to replace Jordi Alba.
Valencia frustration grew. Ten minutes later, Emery returned to the rotation of players. Midfielder Pablo Hernández knocked down in order to strengthen the attack El Che. But Chelsea know how to reduce the onslaught of the opposing team.
Entering the 76th minute, the host of public excited cheers again echoed around the stadium. Drogba found the net again Valencia. This goal was finally menguhkan Chelsea a 3-0 victory.
An additional three points to boost the position of Chelsea to the top of Group E standings by winning the final 11 points or one point ahead of Bayer Leverkusen.


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