Monday, December 19, 2011

Wenger praised RVP Leadership Quality

LONDON - Despite Arsene Wenger admitted that Robin van Persie (RVP) was not born as a natural captain, but the coach still praised the hard work of RVP, who always tried hard to lead his colleagues in the field.
RVP pinned the captain's armband by Wenger, Cesc Fabregas after a move to Barcelona. Dutch international player, was elected as RVP is one of several senior players Arsenal, who left in the squad.
RVP successfully carry out their duties properly in the field. RVP could manage 10 other colleagues well, and gave the command of the attack and defense that is effective enough for the team.
Though initially, recognized the Professor, since RVP uniformed Arsenal, Wenger has never predicted a time, RVP will be a general team. But, after seeing the results, Wenger was pleased with his decision,
"For me, Robin's a great leader. You (initially) would not have predicted it. Statement like that is flattering for her, "said Wenger, as quoted Give Me Football, Tuesday (12/20/2011).
"If you ask me, seven or eight years ago, I was not going to predict that he will captain Arsenal. That is a compliment to him, "he added.
"Perkembanyannya was remarkable, not only as a human child, but also as a player," added Wenger


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