Wednesday, December 21, 2011

impossible Manchester City Get Robin Van Persie

Performed brilliantly throughout the 2011-12 season, Arsenal's Dutch striker became the target of a number of elite European clubs, including Real Madrid and Manchester City.

However, Morgan, known as a fanatical supporter of the Gunners, van Persie doubtful chances of joining the squad Roberto Mancini.

"Opportunity Manchester City bring in the Pope's bigger than a Robin van Persie," he said to the Arsenal legend Ian Wright on Absolute Radio.

"He's not a Samir Nasri. Speaking of Nasri, some news that I read indicated he had moved one step to the (City), because it rarely gets the chance to play and when play had he not impressive," Morgan sent a critique of the French midfielder.

However, Morgan was forced to admit if the fleet has a great opportunity The Citizens League champion this season.

"I think the City has a strong squad. They have an outstanding attacker, and if they do not have a lot of injury problems, for me they are the champion favorite candidate," he said.


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