Tuesday, December 6, 2011

De Rossi Romanisti Forbearance Request

ROME - Daniele De Rossi convince Roma fans, coach Luis Enrique takes time to build a team project in the capital.
Romanisti patience began to run out, I followed the defeat of Fiorentina, Roma 3-0 at the weekend. Roma fans began to protest, request Enrique stepped down as coach.
De Rossi himself began to doubt her team reveal the target this season. Nevertheless, De Rossi asks Romanisti allow time for the Spaniard.
"Coming in the top three such miracles in sports. I will not lie. Difficult to express objective and where we will end this season, because many things have changed, "said De Rossi.
"Do not forget Luciano Spalletti is also bringing something new to Rome and make the team play well," continued the rumored players will leave.
"The thing that makes me optimistic is to Spalleti we started hot after Christmas. That's why I say Luis Enrique takes time, "said De Rossi, cited Football-Italy, Wednesday (07/12/2011).
"We must continue this pattern and continue to work to get their identity. The results achieved are not as expected, but we are a new team and it takes time, "he concluded.


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