Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Suarez: Painful Day

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool striker Luis Suarez could not hide his upper shocknya sentenced to eight games and fined 40 thousand pounds which dropped him FA.
In his Twitter, Suarez claimed the sanctions is a painful decision and very difficult to accept.
"Today is very difficult and very painful both for me and for my family. Thanks for all the support, I will keep trying! "Said Suarez.
"I was angry with accusations of racism. I can only say I have always respected and to respect all people, "added the 24-year-old striker.
"We are all equal. I go to the field with the illusion of a maximum of a little boy who enjoyed what he did, not to create conflict, "he concluded.
Suarez has 14 days to appeal the sentence ..
During the appeal deadline has not been reached, the striker who bought Liverpool for 23 million pounds was still able to defend the Reds.
Thus, Suarez was able to perform when the visit tonight to face Wigan, Blackburn Rovers (26/12), and Newcastle United (31/12).
However, coach Kenny Dalglish seems Suarez would not lose tonight because he felt his star players who are paid by 80 thousand pounds per week is not ready mentally to play.
Dalglish also use Twitter to express his support to Suarez.
"Very disappointed with the decision today. Now is the time where we all need the support of Suarez. Let's not let him walk alone, "said 60-year-old coach.


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