Friday, December 9, 2011

This suggestion Del Bosque to Guardiola

MADRID - Spain coach, Vicente del Bosque try to give advice to the Barcelona coach,Josep Guardiola when his team deal with Real Madrid. According to him, the composition of the three defenders can be a powerful strategy to stem resistance Barcelona Madrid.

Del Bosque said coaching instincts, Guardiola's true should not be afraid to display the 3-4-3 format with three players back, look in the mirror of his experience when menukangiReal Madrid who made ​​it through obstacles Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals of the 2001/02 season.

"When I train Madrid, we play with three players back in the Champions League semi-final(against Barcelona) and ending with the eighth to win the Champions League for the club," said Del Bosque was quoted Goal on Friday (09.12.11).

"Barcelona have few options against Madrid, and Guardiola have to choose the one thathe see fit," he continued.

And in his role as Spain coach Del Bosque expect both teams to represent the Spanish football as a whole. Although, Del Bosque was aware the two adversaries have differenttypical game.

"I look forward to the second team to be able to offer the best picture (from the Spanish football). Both teams have a way to play football, each has its own way," he concluded DelBosque.


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