Monday, December 19, 2011

Fergie: United Always Can Revive!

MANCHESTER - Sir Alex Ferguson was delighted with the results achieved diraciknya team, Manchester United. Because, Ferguson considers Manchester United 2-0 victory over Queens Park Rangers as a venue for the resurrection of the failure of his team qualify for the phase 16 of the Champions League.
United had to swallow the bitter pill because it does not qualify for the Champions League last 16 after a 1-2 defeat of FC Basel. Although the taste was disappointed that failed to qualify for the Champions League, he was happy because now his team to rise from adversity through victory in the Premier League.
"That was a disappointment (to exit in the Champions League). We always get up, "said Ferguson as quoted by Eurosport, Monday (19/12/2011).
"We're not a team that can not lose. Obviously we do not want to lose, but a habit in our club is that we regard it as a day (regular) in the history of Manchester United, "he added
Ferguson feels there is no point in sitting and lamenting the failure of United in the Champions League. Scot feels his players have given the correct response to the current look slick beat QPR.
"We can deal with it, we do not just sit and complain about it. We must do something about (failure), and I think the players have done it (with a victory over QPR), "he explained.
Ferguson also presented the target to compete at the top by saying, "The important thing is to be there (the top standings) at the time of the new year. When you compete at the top then you know what's going on half the season dilakuan second. We enjoyed it. "


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