Friday, December 9, 2011

Forget the eyes While Friendship with Silva

LONDON - Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata praised his friend, David Silva, who is nowdefending Manchester City. However, while the eyes swore to forget their friendship whenthe Blues host City at Stamford Bridge on Monday (12/12/2011).
Eyes that come from Spain, as well as Silva migrated to British soil, Silva first came in August 2010, while the new Eye joined Chelsea in August 2011. Both of them got togetherto defend Valencia in La Liga.
Own eyes convinced Chelsea can still catch their points with The Citizens. 23-year-old player believes his competition is not over for the club Andre Villas-Boas care of this.
"He (Silva) is my friend. He's doing very well, playing for Man City and I will swap shirts with him," Mata said as reported by Goal, Saturday (10/12/2011).
"This season has been very, very good for him, because he showed that level, but I just think to win," he said.
Mata also stated, that the City has so far made ​​progress, both from the way they play as well as individual performances, but Mata added, the Blues will fight until the season endsfor the sake of being the top in the final standings.
"Man City are progressing in the Premier League, a great progress. But there are somany weeks left until the Premier League is completely finished. We will continue to strive every week to win and be the closest to the pace," he said.


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