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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vialli: Remove Del Piero, The Right Decision

ROME - Former Juventus player Gianluca Vialli revealed that the new contract will allow Del Piero would intimidate another striker, given the veteran striker was working well during this season.
Juventus president Andrea Agnelli expressed surprise that the Old Lady will not meyodorkan new contract to attacante Bianconeri have joined together since 19 years ago.
The triumphant performance lately has led Juventus to the campaign demanding a contract extension their icon. Unfortunately, the club remains at its founding. However, Vialli can understand the obstinacy of the former club. In fact, he argues, the club made ​​the right decision by letting go Del Piero.
"It is legitimate to think of the future Juventus without Del Piero included. Perhaps his presence may 'scare' another striker, because they probably will not be quiet, "said Vialli as reported by Guardian, Thursday (19/04/2012).
"I think it's better for Del Piero, because he would not hear someone ask him: 'when you will retire?'" He said.
Del Piero arrived in Turin from Padova in 1993, with Juventus Del Piero managed to carve no fewer than 500 goals in all international competitions.

Milner: We're Not Individualistic!

MANCHESTER - Manchester City midfielder James Milner says that his team demonstrated a brilliant performance this season is the result of hard work the players. He rejected the notion that the players call The Citizens do not promote team unity.
Although likely not get a single title, but the performance is fairly convincing City season. They had mastered the Premier League top spot before it was taken by Manchester United.
"The first Trophy (FA Cup 2011) it was incredible and you can see this season we lost a few times but showed character and keep fighting," said Milner as reported by The Sun, Thursday (19/04/2012).
"Even in the FA Cup match this season, against United, we lost players before halftime. But we came back and had time to make the position a draw, "he continued.
City is now ranked two Premier League standings with 77 points, behind five points of United at the top. If you still want to win, the City must win in four games remaining, including the Manchester derby on May 1.
"We play beautiful football and showing great performance at the weekend. Throughout this season we have struggled in all competitions and will continue to do so until the end, "said Milner

Robin van Persie Striker So Convenient Single

LONDON - Robin van Persie (RVP) is confident he can play as a lone striker, and believe it can be more 'deadly' in front of the opponent's goal. RVP has grown to become one of the opponents feared strikers in the world, and appears to be incised 40 goals for club and country this season.
28-year-old striker to spearhead the attack for the Gunners since three years ago, after Arsene Wenger to sell Emmanuel Adebayor to Manchester City in 2009. Previously RVP playing as a second striker, typically the same with Dennis Bergkamp at Arsenal when grazing.
"I was playing as a second striker, I never thought that I would end up as the main striker. I actually never played in that position before. But when Adebayor went, we tried it, "said RVP as reported by the Scotsman, Thursday (19/04/2012).
"The boss [Wenger] did not buy another player, he was sure I could do it. I was not sure about that, because I do not play in that position. However, against Inter, I can score well, play well and after the game he [Wenger] said: 'you see? It's your work, it is the first step to be the main striker, '"he continued.
RVP leaves one-year contract with the Gunners and said it would not make a decision about his future plans until the end of the season.
However, the RVP was seen present at a hotel in London, where the Catalan club the night before the Champions League semi-final match Chelsea counter. He was seen chatting with fellow countryman Ibrahim Afellay, or perhaps chasing former teammate at Arsenal, Fabregas CECS.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guardiola: Chelsea Now Favorites

LONDON - Barcelona's Josep Guardiola tactician declared Chelsea are now favorites to advance to Champions League final after bagging a 1-0 lead in the first leg at Stamford Bridge.
"Congratulations for Chelsea," Guardiola said as quoted from the official site of UEFA, Thursday (19/04/2012).
Poor finishing Barca players should be paid handsomely. In addition, the Chelsea players stacked in a narrow field at Stamford Bridge as Barcelona also makes it difficult.
The defeat at the Bridge, said Guardiola, Barca players make the hit. However, Pep can guarantee that the disappointment would be channeled into additional energy to turn things around in the second leg at Camp Nou on Tuesday (24/4) next week.
"The players we are disappointed but I know them and they certainly will give everything they have to reach the final," said Guardiola.
"We must be patient and ambitious in our stadium. We must find a way to make a dangerous opportunity, "said Guardiola.
"Chelsea is now a 1-0 favorite and good for them. Our challenge now is to reverse the results and we accept this challenge, "said Guardiola.

Cesc: Performance Has Chelsea Back

LONDON - It was what was predicted by Cesc Frabregas on the opposite proved true club. Chelsea beat Barcelona's success with the score 1-0 in the first leg Champions League semi-final on Thursday (4/19/2012) early morning hrs.

As reported previously, when his team Cesc gave predictions will be a little difficult in the face of Chelsea. Because, Cesc assessing the Blues have returned to find the best style of play under the tutelage of Roberto Di Matteo.

Fabregas himself was very aware of the Chelsea game, considering he played for Arsenal for eight years and is often met with Chelsea. He said when Di Matteo has returned the game the Blues are synonymous with long passes.

When the Blues beat Barcelona at Stamford Bridge early this morning, Chelsea winning by a single goal from Didier Drogba in injury time. The goal originated from Frank Lampard who sent a long ball into Ramires directly forwarded to Drogba and successfully converted into goals.

"What happened while still under the care of Villas-Boas is better to play them back, excels in the control of the ball, and take the initiative in the game. But, now they have attacked and long passes are intended to targetman, "he said as quoted by The Sun, Thursday (19/04/2012).

"The game will feel quite hard, in some melawa Chelsea game when I was at Arsenal. Although, we have mastered his net game, but they were easily counterattack and Drogba can score goals, "he continued. (

Di Matteo Chelsea proud Veteran Players

LONDON - Securing the first leg at home with a victory, a blessing from the slick performance of the Chelsea players, especially the 'old class'. Experience is the key pressed Barcelona aggressive game and makes her living dead lice.
Many times the movement of the retainer shackled Lionel Messi led the Blues captain geeks, John Terry. In midfield, Frank Lampard junior commanding the ball to reduce the flow of the creators, Xavi Hernández.
And lastly, Didier Drogba, who plays as a striker hanging, could single-handedly ruffled a few times last Carles Puyol formation cs. That way, no one for the caretaker - Roberto Di Matteo, thumbs up all he had for the veteran Chelsea. Kemengan a 1-0 early this morning is also a proof, that they have not been exhausted.
"Some time later, a lot of public opinion that was born to them somewhat beyond the limit. They are considered too old to play at this level, "muttered Di Matteo told Super Sport, Thursday (04/19/2012).
"Not only Drogba who have an important role, but also others in the field should be flattered. Although they are somewhat veterans, but was able to play dual matches in a period of tight schedules. I think last night (early this morning), they give an answer to criticism on the ground, "said the former Lazio pillar.
In addition, Di Matteo was also surprised some observers, the launching of the starting line-up, before the game against Barca. Matteo broke in the prediction by installing Drogba rather than Fernando Torres, who had a fairly good record against Barca goal while still in uniform Atlético Madrid.
"I feel must be fair and look back at Sunday's game (a 5-1 win against Tottenham Hotspur). We want to play that well and tonight, for me he is a player the right to drop back down, "Di Matteo grounded.

Not Since the defeat of Barcelona Messi

LONDON - Stud as well as top scorer Barcelona, Lionel Messi failed to win the first leg Champions League semi-final against Chelsea on Thursday (4/19/2012). Even so, Sergio Busquets told when Chelsea was not due to loss of Messi.

Messi is an important figure of the few victories achieved by the El Barca. Unfortunately, when they travel to Stamford Bridge Messi have experienced infertility and failed to bring victory for his team. Even Chelsea's winning goal came after the ball off of his feet.

However, Messi, Busquets assess a person who does not deserve blame of the defeat. According to him, the whole team must take responsibility for the 1-0 defeat.

"Lionel Messi is a very unique player, but Barcelona also has many other key players. We failed to win not only because of him, but all the players, "said Busquets as reported by Sky Sports on Thursday (4/19/2012).

"I fight with Frank Lampard, Juan Mata, and the other is quite interesting. This match I dreamed about since childhood, and I was quite happy, "he continued.

Speaking of opportunities Josep Guardiola troops into the final round, Busquets says his team still has a great opportunity. Moreover, Barca will play in front of the public itself in the second leg at Camp Nou later.

"We believe this dream can still keep to the Champions League final. We are a team that always plays under pressure, and all players are aware of it, "he said. (

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gerrard Reluctant likened to Rush

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is equated with a reluctant legend Ian Rush, after scoring a hatrick in the Merseyside derby on Wednesday (3/14/2012) early morning hrs.

Three goals from Gerrard nested into goalkeeper Tim Howard, destroy the celebration of the 10th anniversary of David Moyes as Everton manager. and also became the first player to achieve this feat since the achievement of Ian Rush in 1982 ago.

"But I do not compare myself with Ian Rush's record, he scored 380 goals for the club," said Gerrard, who celebrated 400 appearances in the Premier League, as reported by Emirates247.

Kenny Dalgish, architect of Liverpool has run out of words to describe the flagship midfielder.

"I'm not educated enough to add to what others have to say about Steven," said the Liverpool manager.

However, at the end of the game, seen as Gerrard limps off the field at halftime.


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