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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Italian victory, losses for Chelsea

Bad luck to be accepted Chelsea's squad. Fernando Torres suffered a concussion when he participated in the match for Spain titled Trial, cons Italy on Thursday (11 / 8) early morning hrs.

In a match that took place at San Nicola, Bari, Italy, Torres believed to fill the front lines alongside Spain Valencia striker Juan Mata. However, not only demonstrated its capacity, Torres pulled Vicente del Bosque in the 15th minute. His role was replaced by Fernando Llorente.

The reason, as quoted by the Telegraph, Torres reportedly suffered a concussion after he collided with the Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. He also rushed physiotherapy team into the locker room for further treatment.

As a result, Torres possibility can not be played at the beginning of the Blues Chelsea Premier League competition which officially rolled August 13 next. Chelsea itself will debut first in the highest English football scene with a visit to the Britannia Stadium, home of Stoke City

Shown Riveting, Germany Mute Brazil

Germany look stunning. They succeed in the game titled Brazil memecundangi trial on Thursday (11 / 8) morning GMT, held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, Stuttgart, although with a thin score 3-2.
Playing in front of the public itself seems to be the impetus for the German squad to record a victory. It can be seen, after the commencement of the first half whistle sounded. Der Panzer kicked immediately appear.
Opportunities to score were opened, after Brazil's defense was unable to stem the strength of the German attack. Is Mario Gotze, who attempt to open the victory through hard kick at minute 6. But unfortunately the kick ball can still be countered Julio Cesar.
Feeling depressed, the Brazilian was trying to strike back. They are trying to poke forward to the opportunity.
This effort was in vain, Brazil threatens success through Robinho kick in the 15th minute. Unfortunately, this opportunity only lead dipelukan goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer.
Brazil was trying to maintain a chance. However, final settlement, due to coordination were not going well make all the opportunity is lost over time.
The ball was eventually re-mastered the Germans. However, they are not able to maximize. The reason, the defense is manned Lucio et al. look good.
However, this does not necessarily make the Germans had no chance. In the 22nd minute, try to take advantage lengahnya Kroos defense with the ball being kicked hard mastered. However, this attempt fails again, after the ball is rushing away from the target.
Nevertheless, Germany continues to try to attack. But, unfortunately goal did not come until the halftime whistle sounded by referee Viktor Kassai.
After halftime, the Germans continued to show dominance. They continue to poke into the future to find a goal to open up opportunities to win.
This effort was sweet fruit, after Kroos dropped in restricted areas by Lucio. Kassai was finally pointed to the spot.
As an executor, Schweinsteiger success given the opportunity to convert into a goal. In the 61st minute, he was able to break into the Brazilian goal, after kicking flowing into the bottom far corner, was dammed Cesar. 1-0 to Germany.
Intermittent seven minutes later, the Germans successfully doubled the lead. Gotze released from custody. As a result, any space to score wide open. Then, kick the ball into the goal to deliver seamless Brazil.
Two goals, clearly makes Brazil not happy. They were trying to get out from behind the ketertekanan to attack. Then, they also managed to get into the German defense line.
It feels exhilarating effort when the referee again pointed to the spot, after Alves was dropped Lahm. Credence given to Robinho to be successfully executed the executioner. Sontekannya managed to catch up.
Do not want to continue to be pursued, Germany finally try again to maintain its dominance. They went back to look to attack and try to play on the front lines.
This effort was met clarity, after Schweinsteiger able to outwit Andre Santos. Schweinsteiger gave feedback to Schurrle, who kicked the ball at the 79th minute. As a result, the advantage again widened.
Entering the final game, Brazil continued to attack. And, in the end they had successfully cut the gap through Neymar. Santos was a hard kick players could not dammed Neuer.
Score 3-2 also survive until the referee blew the long whistle to end the game. This victory was to make Germans were able to improve the record meeting with Brazil. Germany recorded seven victories, 12 defeats and five draws from 22 matches.
Germany: Manuel Neuer, Philip Lahm, Mats Julian Hummels (Jerome Boateng), Holger Badstuber, Bastian Schweinsteiger (Simon Rolfes), Toni Kroos, Christian Trasch, Mario Gotze (Jeronimo Baretto Cacau), Lukas Podolski (Andre Schurrle), Mario Gomez ( Miroslav Klose), Thomas Muller
Reserves: Tim Wiese, Jerome Boateng, Benedikt Howedes, Simon Rolfes, Dennis Aogo, Sven Bender, Marco Reus, IIkay Gundogan, Miroslav Klose, Jeronimo Baretto Cacau, Andre Schurrle
Brazil: Julio Cesar, Lúcio, Dani Alves, Emiliano Thiago Silva, Andre Santos Clarindo (Luis Gustavo Dias), Luis Fernandinho (Ganso Paulo Henrique), Ramires, Teles Ralf, Robinho (Renato Augusto Soares), da Silva Rodrigues Alexandre Pato ( Fred), Neymar
Reserves: Victor, Dede Anderson Gomes de Oliveria, Maicon, Renato Augusto Soares, Lucas, Luis Gustavo Dias, Elias, Paulo Henrique Ganso, Fred, Jonas

DFB Loew will not overload with Target in EURO 2012

President of the German Football Federation (DFB), Theo Zwanziger stated that he would not burden the Loew targets Euro 2012 winning the stage. Loew will also certainly continue to strengthen the Der Panzer until 2014.

Germany coach Loew official since July 2006. He was appointed to replace Juergen Klinsmann.

In his career, Loew successfully bringing Germany to the final stage of Euro 2008 held in Austria and Switzerland. However, he failed to embrace the title, after the Spanish successfully frustrate their ambitions.

Two years later, Loew had failed to make the Germans picked up the title. Although moving smoothly, racikannya unable to continue the desire to penetrate the final. They re-submission of Spain.

Therefore, it is fine if the German public that the team missed the idol can be earned. So, great hope was the public dressing to the shoulders of Loew and foster children.

However, DFB President Loew did not want to burden by giving him a tough task, considering that Germany will be back competing on the stage of EURO 2012 which will be in the title in Ukraine and Poland.

"It is obvious that I do not want to make a mistake, put Jogi (greeting Joachim Loew) in the depressed position by saying 'you have to win the EURO 2012," said Zwanziger, as quoted by the official FIFA website.

"We certainly one of the team that won the Euro 2012 opportunity, but the target (win) does not exist. If anything exists, it is impossible to extend the contract Loew and coaching staff," he continued.

Loew himself has signed a new contract, which is sure to remain menukangi Germany until 2014.

Schmeichel: Criticism To De Gea Embarrassing!

MANCHESTER - Manchester United's legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel to give a defense to David De Gea, United's new goalkeeper who reaped harsh criticism following the two goals that lodged in his goal in the Community Shield match against Manchester City last weekend.
In the game, De Gea's time to make United fans worried due to United's left behind two goals through a header from Joleon Lescott and shot distance Edin Dzeko in the first round. In the second half, United managed to get up and behind to beat City 3-2 and then holding the Community Shield trophy.
Despite the win, but the criticism of De Gea not necessarily disappear. Goalkeeper who signed from Atletico Madrid continue to earn scorn from fans. Schmeichel, who was initially reluctant to comment about the performance of United's younger players, this time it was moved to forward and defend De Gea, because he considered it 20 years old goalkeeper has been showing good performance (especially in the second round).
"I've promised not to intervene, but this time I will catapult one comment," Schmeichel said as quoted by The Mirror, Wednesday (08/10/2011).
"Shame on you, listen to the criticism of people who provide an assessment to a player in his first game," he continued.
"Everyone in this country always get a chance, so what's the point doing it now?," Concluded the Danish goalkeeper was.
On this occasion, Schmeichel could also provide commentary related to United's last appearance ciamik other recruits, Ashley Young. "Ashley has a great career with Aston Villa and England. Now, after joining United, he's 25 percent better, "he continued.
"The ethos of work, contributions and his confidence is now better. All he does is right. I think, so you can blend with the environment, you'll become a better player, "he concluded.
"Of the 99.9 percent of the players who are here (United), they join because they want to join and this is their dream," he concluded.

"Come Sneijder, United increasingly Tough"

LONDON - Midfielder Rafael van der Vaart made ​​startling statements related rumors Wesley Sneijder. Sneijder Van der Vaart admitted it wanted to move to the Premier League. According to him, the presence of Sneijder will make Manchester United's increasingly tough.
As reported previously, the mainstay of Inter Milan midfielder was indeed associated repeatedly move to Manchester United this season. Reportedly, in two days, removals Sneijder could happen.
Apparently, Sneijder's decision to play in the Premier League was confirmed by Van der Vaart. "Sure, Sneijder would love to play in England. This is the biggest league in the world," said the Tottenham midfielder's mainstay.
"Sneijder is a good friend of mine and we were often in touch almost every day. He knows what to expect in the Premier League," continued the former SV Hamburg player and Real Madrid, told Sky Sports on Thursday (11/08/2011).
Nevertheless, Van der Vaart Sneijder can only hope it does not strengthen United's 2011/2012 season. Therefore, the arrival of the Dutch attacking midfielder it would have made ​​Sir Alex Ferguson's squad is getting tough.
"I hope not, because it will make Manchester United's increasingly tough. But Sneijder is a great player and he will easily adapt at Manchester United," said 27 year-old midfielder.

Claiming Rossi Honoured targeted Napoli

Bari - Napoli reportedly interested to propose a sharp striker Giuseppe Rossi. It is like never disclosed the president Aurelio De Laurentiis. Hear it, Rossi admitted flattered and happy when playing with Serie A club.
On Tuesday, De Laurentiis had indeed expressed a desire to bring back Rossi to Italy. Number one in Naples, it wants menciduknya from El Madrigal, Villarreal team headquarters.
Practically, interest Napoli was getting rave reviews from Rossi. Players who previously had targeted by Barcelona and Napoli, the asserted interest to graze on Diego Maradona's former club.
"I am very proud to hear the words of president De Laurentiis. Playing in a place like Naples will be great fun," Rossi said, quoted by Il Corriere dello Sport on Thursday (11/08/2011).
However, Rossi did not want to leave Villarreal confirmed in the near future. "I am very happy playing in Spain for now. So, we'll see what will happen in the future," continued the Italian striker.
"There is interest from Barcelona, ​​Juventus and several other clubs. But, in fact I was still playing for Villarreal," said the striker who is currently aged 24 years.
Currently, Rossi still has a contract with Villarreal until 2016. Previously, the agent insisted the former Manchester United striker a chance to leave a very heavy, because The Yellow Submarines have lost Santi Cazorla.

Inter legend: Tevez No class Eto'o

MILAN - Inter Milan legend Luis Suarez said the Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez could not take the place of Samuel Eto'o as the Nerazzurri goal machine.
Later, word got out Tevez would indeed be costumed Inter's Massimo Moratti if the club is to sell Eto'o to the Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala. Still, a few Inter fans who lamented the sale plan the Cameroon international panorama.
"If Eto'o goes, Inter lost great players are irreplaceable. It's hard to find a replacement, you can not find the level of the game seemed, "said Suarez, who now works as a scout Inter.
"Tevez is a good player, but lacks completeness as well as Samuel and Inter, with the departure of Eto'o, Inter will lose players who are good at scoring goals," he said as reported by the Tribal Football, Thursday (11/08/2011).
Suarez added that Tevez was also scored but when a class of its own mental and to pass it on to the team.
"Tevez does not guarantee the same number of goals such as Eto'o and the possibility of this transfer did not give Inter compensation," he said.

Inter Agree Remove Eto'o?

MILAN - shocking news comes from the realm of Italy, precisely from the city of Milan. According to reports from Bloomberg disitat of Goal, Thursday (11/08/2011) Inter Milan have reportedly agreed to release Samuel Eto'o to the Russian side, Anzhi Makhachkala.

CEO Ernesto Paolillo Nerrazzurri even reported to have confirmed the sale of striker from Cameroon, several hours after Massimo Moratti stated that the agreement is as deep in the hold workmanship.

The news is certainly very surprising because at Inter, Cameroon striker is a mainstay on the front line, since he was carried off from Barcelona in 2009. Estimated costs ranged from Russian club 35 million Euros, with the player paid 20 million Euros per season, with a duration of four years of the contract.

Eto'o own departure would've smelled since last Tuesday, when the site revealed that there were talks between Inter represented by Marco Branca is the owner of the Russian team. It also was confirmed by Eto'o agent, Claudio Vigorelli who said Eto'o transfer is almost complete.

Meanwhile, Wesley Sneijder could also be a player following the departure of Eto'o, due to incessant reportedly approached Manchester United. Ernesto Paolillo had made ​​a statement that all the players at the club has a price, where it makes an official departure of the Dutch midfielder is getting stronger.

Pay attention to anomalies Spain Del Bosque

Bari - The defeat of Spain over Italy in a friendly pose the question in the mind of coach Vicente Del Bosque. It highlighted the results end of the fight game related foster children.

In the match at San Nicola, Thursday (11/08/2011) pm dawn, Spain started the first half with uncomfortable where they dominated Italy in the first 30 minutes and have conceded a first goal by Ricardo Montolivo in the 12th minute.

Then Xabi Alonso's penalty in the 37th minute to make the position as strong and lasted until halftime.

In the second half La Furia Roja have found a rhythm and some dangerous Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon escort. But Alberto Aquilani scored in the 84th minute finish the fight world champions and the game ended with the score 2-1 to Italy.

From that defeat Del Bosque highlight how the results obtained by his team's performance against Spain at the time. When played well in the second half Spain actually not even able to score goals and defeat.

"I am satisfied with the performance of children in this fight. We can solve the problem with the squad we have. We can match them when we were depressed and even less when we return to dominate the Italian," complained Del Bosque as reported by the U.S..

"Italy started the game with more intensity. Mobility of the attackers they're good and unpredictable. We did not play well enough. Then we try to balance with more attacking play again," he added.

Furthermore, former coach of Real Madrid's defeat of the Spanish judge if this is caused because the punggawanya already tired diving preseason tour. Especially the players Madrid and Barcelona, who have to fly far into the Americas.

"I do not need to criticize my players, because they were tired of playing in pre-season games (the club). Italy played well in the first half and we were in the second half. The players are concentrating on the early season preparations," said he.


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