Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tevez: I Like Dogs Treat Mancini

BUENOS AIRES - Carlos Tevez finally spoke of the events in Munich when he refused to play for Manchester City. He considered that time the coach Roberto Mancini has treated him like a dog.
Manchester City who come to the headquarters Bayern Munich, the Allianz Arena in the Champions League continued, 28 September 2011 to leave the story is quite bitter, the article of the game is the beginning of the feud Tevez and Roberto Mancini.
Tevez was then refused to play when the coach told him to play. Although, Tevez himself has warmed up. Incident occurred in the second half, when the Citizens of Munich 2-0 thanks to two goals from Mario Gomez.
Now finally, Tevez spoke up and told him how the feud originally began with Mancini. He felt at that time the feeling he was experiencing quite bad, especially when Mancini substitutions which turned to her surprise.
"I became a bad mood at the time, when (Mancini) include De Jong and pull out (Edin) Dzeko when we have been behind 0-2. I think it is a fairly defensive substitutions. Therefore, I decided to re-sit the bench, "said Tevez in an interview Fox Sports in Argentina, Tuesday (14/02/2012).
"At that time I had to warm up for 10 minutes, and she seemed more happy we lose 0-2 than 0-4. Then I went back to sit down with Dzeko pulled from the field. It was then that he looked angry and Mancini passed away. "
"He saw the hall was closed and decided to return to the bench. He (Mancini) sat next to them and direct them to argue. Dzeko was speaking the language of Bosnia, while Mancini yelled in Italian. So, when it's all very chaotic. "
"Then I sit alone and he did not see because he was busy talking. Not long later he reversed his body and look at me, and there can imagine what happened. When he was still in debate. "
"Then tell me to continue the warm-up and treat me like a dog. When he spoke to me with a tone like that I immediately said 'no I will not play'. "
"I originally wanted to play at the time, but the coach in a state of considerable confusion, because it had just quarreled with Dzeko. Later, he began issuing swear word to me. "
"So, all this is one of her because I was in a state of calm. I sat on the bench and you can see in the video footage that I was quite calm and was talking with (Pablo) Zabaleta. However, Mancini issued harsh words and insults to me, "he concluded.
Then how to end the feud between Mancini and Tevez? In fact, both have been rumored to be at peace and ready to work together again at Manchester City. We'll see what the future will be like.


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