Monday, February 27, 2012

Inggris 55-45 Belanda

Although titled a friendly, English duel contra Netherlands will take place February 29 certainly fierce. Both teams are equally will maximize the chance of testing the strength of the team before heading to the final of Euro 2012 in June.
Prior to Kharkiv to serve Denmark, De Oranje party still had three other trials, namely against Bulgaria, Slovakia and Northern Ireland, but of course the three teams were still less than the English class. Likewise for the British who still had two other trials scheduled, namely Norway and Belgium.
Unfortunately, neither team could lose the full force when the clash in Wembley later due to a number of players injury problems. In the British camp, caretaker coach Stuart Pearce certainly not going to see Wayne Rooney and Tom Cleverley. Aston Villa striker, Darrent Ben is also doubtful.
The Netherlands also lost Van der Vaart, attacking midfielder who surged against England two years ago. Other names such as Ibrahim Affelay and Eljero Elia ahead will certainly absent because of health problem fraught.
Against England, the Netherlands pocketed big homework in the defense sector. Of the last three games, breaking the wicket De Oranje six times, three from Germany, and three of Sweden.
In the last match against Germany, Stekelenburg, John Heitinga, Joris Mathijsen, Edson Braafheid and Van der Wiel was unable to block the aggressive Der Panzer, Germany.
Previously, Marwijk had tested the package Michel Vorm, Mathijsen, Pieters E, Wield and J Van der Bruma at the back and they conceded three goals from the legs of Swedish players.
What is interesting from a meeting later the Anglo-Dutch duel record of their last four games. Status victor Netherlands in a friendly match held in 2001 where they were 2-0. Furthermore, the duel has always ended in a draw, including the last game-ending 2-2 in 2009.
Strength of both teams today are not much different from the formation in 2009. Probably about three to four players that have been knocked out in the clubs. As Mark van Bomel, Andre Ooijer, Edson Braafeid in the Dutch camp, sementra England now does not include David Beckham, Emile Heskey and Shaun Wright Phillips.
For the duel later, Bert van Marwijk is expected to rely on two bombernya the work in the UK that is Dirk Kuyt and Premier League top scorers Robbin van Persie. These compositions may be spelled with more experienced Dutch line of attack than the UK.
But even if Wayne Rooney and Darren Bent absent, Van Marwijk have to think of specific strategies to reduce the speed of Union Jack's young striker, who has such energetic Danniel Sturidge ammunition and Danny Welbeck. Not to mention the threat of second-line UK in recent matches showed high productivity and often determine the outcome of the fight. If the guard, 1-4 defeat of England's hand was strengthened when Alan Shearer at Euro 1996 and could be repeated.
Seven parties last
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