Monday, February 27, 2012

Milner: Make My Captain England

MANCHESTER - Manchester City winger James Milner did have a dream to become an England captain. He admitted that he had a chance to become a new Three Lions captain.
Vacancy in the middle of the England captain, Milner expressed his readiness to be a substitute for John Terry, who captained the FA ban was removed because of cases of racism.
Caretaker England Stuart Pearce will not have a name when he was appointed as captain of the Three Lions have a friendly against the Dutch middle of this week.
"As a child growing up, you want to play for your country and dreamed of one day becoming the captain of your country," said Milner as reported by the Daily Star, Tuesday (28/02/2012).
"And if I'm asked to do that, I would be very proud to do so and I will give my best while leading colleagues in the field," said 26-year-old players.
Milner himself now has 23 caps with England and Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard though still favored to become the captain of England, but Milner sees no reason for him not be a captain.
"I do not see why I would not be ready for it (to captain). I have played enough games in the Premier League and became a professional player for almost 10 years," he explained.
"If I was asked to do the job, I'll take the chance and do my best. I will not delay the responsibility as captain of England," said the former Aston Villa player.


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