Monday, February 13, 2012

"It feels nice When Tevez Return to the City"

MANCHESTER - Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini is rumored to be an immediate end to the feud, this week. This makes the player Manchester City, Pablo Zabaleta was quite pleased. In fact, he said when he and his colleagues in the City will welcome him with open arms.

Zabaleta who is known to be quite close to Tevez is to recognize when that occurs between Tevez and Mancini have made the squad for the Citizens little disturbed. However, he was very confident when his colleagues in the City will accept it and give it new opportunities. He also considered that Tevez will contribute both to the City.

"He (Carlos Tevez) would be welcomed back by his peers, because the situation is actually quite difficult for all parties. However, the most important thing we as a team have done their best, "he told Sky Sport, Tuesday (02/14/2012).

"I am really greatly missed by Carlos and we had a very long time no see here. In these circumstances we must remain calm, because people will definitely talk about it, when he had returned. We must re-focus on what we have done so far, "he continued.

However, Zabaleta himself still leave all decisions Tevez's return to the coach. But he believes if the former Manchester United player back then it would be a strength for the Citizens.

"This situation is a bit tricky for some, such as players, clubs and especially Tevez himself. If we could see him again this week, then all decisions on the coach, whether he would give an opportunity to Tevez or not, "he said.

"When he came back here it will be a player just like us in this squad. We know enough about him and I feel we must be strong enough for the moment and stay focused with what is being done, "said Zabaleta.


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