Monday, February 20, 2012

Fergie Almost Get Joe Hart

MANCHESTER - Manchester City goalkeeper, Joe Hart has performed brilliantly under the rule of The Citizens of the season. Apparently, Sir Alex Ferguson admitted he would bring Hart to Manchester United.

This season, Hart was performing very well in keeping the goal of The Citizens and they keep bringing the Premier League standings. Until he was directly used as the primary goalkeeper coach City by City, Roberto Mancini, the season was over bought at a price of 600 thousand pounds.

Not only is the mainstay for the City, the player who is now 24-year-old is also directly into the main goalkeeper for England. His performance is equally good when playing for City.

However, Hart's own unique abilities have been known by Ferguson while he was still defending the club Shrewsbury Town. In fact, a known champion trainer looking for great players that Hart just barely get a price of 100 thousand pounds.

"I was (in 2006) Joe Hart could get a price of only 100 thousand pounds. However, we have done enough wrong. If we look at the condition of the England team with goalkeeper for 20 years. No doubt he is the best goalkeeper, "said Ferguson as quoted by BBC Sport on Tuesday (02/21/2012).


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