Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ancelotti: Milan More Superior than Arsenal!

PARIS - Former AC Milan coach, Carlo Ancelotti, AC Milan was the host Arsenal in the first leg of the Champions League last 16, more superior than his opponent. He also assesses the chances of both teams to win is 50:50.

Many people compare between two of Europe's elite competition, the Premier League Serie A, in a match between AC Milan and Arsenal. According to Ancelotti, the comparison could be concluded if the results match the two teams have been obtained.

"You will never get an easy match in Italy. For me, this match (Arsenal vs AC Milan) 50:50 odds. Do not forget also that Napoli has done away with Manchester City of Champions League, "Ancelotti said, quoted by the Telegraph, Wednesday (02/15/2012).

"The comparison between the two leagues (Premier League and Serie A) can only be made after this match (Arsenal vs AC Milan). Italian football has made some steps forward and form of English soccer game in less good shape now, with tereliminasinya Manchester City and Manchester United, "he explained.

Ancelotti still seems to follow the Premier League, despite leading Chelsea in the summer of 2010 and moved to the French league with Paris Saint-Germain. It makes Ancelotti willing to take an assessment to favor Milan.

"Napoli has achieved something extraordinary to beat the team that dominated the Premier League City, so I see no reason they can not repeat it. To Milan, I think Milan is more superior than Arsenal, "he said.


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