Sunday, February 19, 2012

Messi is the youngest player to-200 Touch Game

BARCELONA - Lionel Messi again a new record in Barcelona. This time, Messi record as the youngest player to melakoni-200 Barca.

Known, the action of counter Valencia Barca at Camp Nou, early this morning to be a special match for Messi. Bomber Argentina has recorded the game 200nya since his debut in La Liga when Barca won 1-0 against Espanyol, 16 October 2004.

This sweet notes make Messi has listed his name as the youngest player in the history of Barcelona is capable of reaching 200 games. Messi scored the record at the age of 24 years and 240 days, quoted by Sky Sports on Monday (2/20/2012).

With this, Messi managed to displace his team mate Xavi Hernandez who listed his name in the record. Xavi himself to mark the match-200nya at age 25 years 236 days.

Overall, Messi has listed his name on the order of five players who have melakoni Barca more than 200 matches. Messi is behind Xavi (401 games), Carles Puyol (359), Victor Valdes (317) and Andres Iniesta (258).

Messi is a special achievement of becoming a full time because in the game, Messi scored his first quattrick this season, as well as competition heats the title El Pichichi (top score of La Liga). Messi has now scored 27 goals, or one goal adrift of the top score while Cristiano Ronaldo (28)


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