Monday, February 20, 2012

"End the Crisis Chelsea, with Napoli Beat"

LONDON - Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech, his team expects to end the slump. Therefore, he expects the Blues to win and rise up against Napoli in the first leg Champions League round of 16 at the Stadio San Paolo on Wednesday (2/22/2012) early morning hrs.

As is known, the recent appearance by diminishing Chelsea failed to win in five games in the Premier League. Finally, the Blues were held 1-1 by Birmingham City 1-1 in FA Cup fifth round.

Therefore, Cech and hope the team can bounce back winning ways. One way is to achieve victory against Napoli in the Champions League, although he knew when his opponent was at his best.

"Napoli was in top form and scored often. Their last successful beat Fiorentina with a score of 3-0. They are in a sense of confidence is high enough now, "Cech said on the club's official website on Tuesday (21/02/2012).

"Everything is upside down with our berbandung, which was struggling. Therefore, this action would seem quite difficult. However, we have more experience and we are aware to be able to change the situation we are experiencing today, "he added.

Club Villas-Boas Andre care of itself being the only British clubs that are still expected to win the Champions League. The reason, their compatriot clubs, Arsenal have lost big by AC Milan is 4-0 and is expected to have a very small chance of escape.

"Basically now we are the last team from the UK who can qualify for the next round in the Champions League. All this should be a motivation for us. Arsenal have certainly be a little difficult to qualify for the next round after defeated Milan, "he concluded


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