Sunday, February 19, 2012

Destroy Santander, Madrid more firmly at the top

MADRID - Real Madrid continued their winning trend continued in the arena of La Liga. This time, Racing Santander who became his victims, after dihacurkan by Los Blancos 4-0.
Cristiano Ronaldo's header and a chip shot from Karim Benzema in the first half to bring Real Madrid winning 2-0 over visitors Racing Santander. Not only that in the second half, goals from Angel Di Maria and one additional goal from Benzema increase the coffers of Madrid goal.
At this match, coach Jose Mourinho Kaka again entrusted to organize the attack which was built through the middle. Kaka plotted to serve duo Karim Benzema and Ronaldo in attack.
Mou powerful enough effort, the sixth minute when the new Los Blancos already 1-0 up through the legs of Ronaldo. CR7 the embryo is free unguarded managed to grab the ball out of the chaos in front of goalkeeper Tono. Score 1-0 for excellence Madrid.
Left behind by one goal to Santander to play attacking and threatening even the barrage of Madrid's defense lead by Pepe and Sergio Ramos. However, the blocks are made by forcing Madrid defender fruitful efforts Santander zero.
At minute 39, Santander even lose one player, after Cisma get a second yellow card red card fruitful. Cisma seen using a hand when crossing block the kick Ronaldo.
Madrid winning players make the game more and more frenzied. Some of them continue to create opportunities, especially through hard kick from the right side of defense Marcelo Santander.
As a result, Madrid add to the coffers of his goal after the ball Benzema equalized through Lobnya widen the goalkeeper Tono. Score was changed to 2-0 until half-time.
Entering the second half and with the advantages of the players, Madrid immediately confine the defense of Santander. While his guests, can only withstand the attacks of Madrid.
As a result, Madrid further and further away, this time through the actions of individuals Angel Di Maria in minute 73. Di Maria who replaces Mesut Ozil cross kick from outside the area who are unable to reach goalkeeper Tono. Madrid took a 3-0 lead at the same time.
Madrid back to widen their range in minute 89, to make Santander worse off. This time Benzema scored his second goal with a fierce shot that was unable to reach by Tono. Score 4-0 to edge Los Blancos.
Benzema goal of closing the second half of the game and getting away from the pursuit of Barcelona with the difference in points to 13 points while.
Teams:Real Madrid: 1. Casillas, 4. Sergio Ramos, 3. Pepe (Carvalho 76 '), 12. Marcelo, 19. R. Varane, 8. Kaka, 14. Xabi Alonso, 10. M. Ozil (Di Maria 63 '), 11. Granero (Khedira 71 '), 7. Cristiano Ronaldo, 9. K. Benzema
Racing Santander: 13. Tono, 19. Torrejon, 6. Cisma, 18. Bernardo, 14. Alvaro Gonzalez, 5. P. Diop, 23. Adrian (Fernandez 44 '), 7. Arana, 21. Marcos Gullon, 9. L. Acosta (Luque 71 '), 11. K. Babacar (Munitis 70 ')


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