Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ronaldo about scored Beauty

MADRID - Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid star victory over city rivals Rayo Vallecano with a goal only child. Ronaldo said he was satisfied because the goal is the creation of time is quite unusual.
Madrid is only capable of a 1-0 win over host Rayo Vallecano in derby small capital, the continued La Liga on Sunday (2/26/2012). CR7 single goal in the 55th minute, bringing Madrid packed full points once equaled in 2009/2010 by winning nine consecutive wins.
In addition to equal the record, that should be in Madrid this victory is the goal Ronaldo. Yes, Ronaldo has never scored a goal that the players suspected of Rayo.
Starting from the corner that is executed Mesut Ozil, the world's most expensive player managed to control it and the moment later to kick off tulit (backheel) in a position to goal, without being able to anticipate goalkeeper Rayo.
"Everyone will be surprised to kick my heels, because not everyone will ever suspect I will do it," said Ronaldo at the club's official website,, Monday (02/27/2012).
"I do not think scoring that way (backheel). I just kicked the ball with the heel and it was surprising the player and the opponent's goalie. I kicked him hard enough so that they can not stop it," continued the captain of the Portugal national team.
Problem just edged, Ronaldo did not want to bother. Because according to him, the number of goals is not important because the most important being scooped up three points. Especially in the game, Rayo able to provide balanced resistance.
"We are proud of this victory, because we got it with difficulty. It may be three points which will help us win the title, "added the player who is still leading the list of El Pichichi with lesakkan 29 goals, or two goals from Lionel Messi.
Deserved this victory has been warmly welcomed the Madrid players, because of the additional three points to bring them to temporarily widen the points with Barcelona to 13 points. Barca game itself will play Atletico Madrid counter, a few moments.


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