Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conte: Parma and Juventus Natural Development

Turin - Juventus coach, Antonio Conte, assessing his team experienced so much growth since the beginning of the match against Parma in Serie A this season. Not only his team, Conte also highlight developments experienced by Parma this season.
Juventus did meet Parma in Serie A season opening match 2011/2012 in September. At that time, the Bianconeri won 4-1 winners with scores, a starting point for the team changes the direction of Antonio Conte is a more mature direction.

"Both Parma and Juventus have changed a lot since the first game of the season. I remember it well, we played a great game and opened the season well, "Conte said, quoted by Soccerway on Wednesday (02/15/2012).

"Since the game was a lot of things have changed, my team continues to grow on each side, both tactically and physically, in the attitudes and organization. We obviously have grown and I think that Parma is also the same, "he said.

Since its opening match against Parma menajalani, La Vecchia Signora so far unbeaten in 21 matches. Should the two teams competed over the weekend, but heavy snowfall makes the game was postponed. The two teams will meet on Thursday (2/16/2012) to change the schedule are pending.


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