Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ferguson: De Gea's Much Improved

Norwich - Appearances Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea is still not in accordance with the expectations of the club and the fans expected. However, manager Sir Alex Ferguson continues to provide support to his young goalkeeper.

De Gea, who recruited United from Atletico Madrid earlier this season, was not able to demonstrate an impressive appearance. 21-year-old Spanish goalkeeper is still often make fundamental mistakes that make the United failed to achieve perfect results.

However, the match counter Norwich City on Sunday (02/26/2012) evening, De Gea performed quite nicely. Though they have conceded one goal, but the performance of De Gea is capable of doing some brilliant rescue, helping United secure a 2-1 victory over Ryan Giggs scored in injury time.

Ferguson himself admitted that he still fully believes in the quality of his young goalkeeper. Fergie believes, with the belief that continues to provide, De Gea sooner or later will show his best game.

"He (De Gea) had already shown that he is the keeper of potential, since the game against Liverpool where we had a disappointing day," said Ferguson about United's 2-1 defeat of Liverpool in the FA Cup in January.

"But, as time passed he was able to prove how great he was as a goalkeeper," continued De Gea praised performance in the game contra Norwich.

"We already know the potential he played for Atletico Madrid. But today we want to confirm again, he would be a great goalie, "added the veteran Scottish coach.


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