Monday, February 20, 2012

When the Great Fire the one Arsenal Wenger

LONDON - Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, is currently in the spotlight would be poor form displayed by his side until the fire discourse. However, Emmanuel Petit, felt when a fire or let Wenger go is a big one.
The Gunners are in the midst of its worst performance in recent years in suffered two successive defeats. The first 4-0 defeat by AC Milan in the first leg of the Champions League last 16, then removed from the FA Cup by Sunderland by a score of 2-0.
As a result, the forces of The Gunners now only struggling in the Champions League title and captured the top four in the Premier League to win the Champions League next season. Therefore, many people who blame Wenger will achieve them up to ask him to step down from coaching chair.
However, the former Arsenal player, Emmanuel Petit, assess just one club should sack Wenger or let go of the Emirates Stadium. Wenger confident he will bring Arsenal bounce back sometime in the future. Moreover, Arsenal will have difficulty in finding a replacement for the Frenchman.
"I felt it would be a mistake big enough to leave Arsenal if Wenger. The reason, they would be difficult to find a coach with a big name to live. It will be quite difficult for the next coach, "said Petit as reported by ESPN on Tuesday (21/02/2012).
"I feel when Wenger is still a good solution for Arsenal. They just need menguba few things in the team, some players like to buy and sell players in the transfer market later. This, will make the team more competitive, "he continued.
Petit also assess any changes from the Gunners at the moment. Wenger hopes he felt too big for his young players until there is no change in his team and makes them difficult to win a trophy in the last few seasons.
"The character has changed Arsenal, Wenger too believe in young players. I felt Arsenal had to buy a new player in the upcoming transfer window, "he said.


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