Thursday, February 23, 2012

Despite the defeat, United still qualify

Appear confident in front of supporters, Manchester United, who had led 2-0 on aggregate, immediately put pressure on the visitors when the game rolling. Nani soon test the resilience of goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer in goal in the first minute. However, the kick of bait Dimitar Berbatov remains were driven by Vermeer.
Even so, supporters of United at Old Trafford soon rumbled when the game entered the sixth minute, followed by Javier Hernandez scored. Mexican striker managed to escape from custody back line and maximize feedback Ajax Berbatov to bring the position to be 1-0 and add edge Red Devils a 3-0 aggregate.
Disadvantaged 3-0 aggregate seems to be the trigger to soon build a giant Dutch counterattack. Ajax attacks enough to make the United back line busy. Some of the opportunities of Christian Eriksen and Miralem Sulejmani threatened goalkeeper David De Gea, but the opportunity was not managed a goal.
Goals are waiting guests finally arrived at camp the 37th minute through a foot of the Aras Ozbiliz utilizing the heat in the penalty box to kick along the ground to the goalkeeper De Gea from outside the box as well as make the aggregate to 3-1. Asa Frank de Boer squad was re-sticking.
United does not seem to want to provide opportunities for Ajax in the second half to turn things around. Foster children of Sir Alex Ferguson started the second half aggressively and immediately get the chance of Berbatov, who took a pass from midfield Tom Cleverley. Unfortunately, Bulgaria striker is caught offside.
De Gea significant rescue action for United in the 58th minute. Ajax golden opportunity to increase the coffers of a goal through a header Siem de Jong in front of goal. Luckily for United, the Spanish goalkeeper reflexively dismissed the ball with his hands and keeping tenure 1-1 (3-1).
Camp host also had the opportunity to increase the advantage by kicking hard aggregate Nani from outside the box in the 72nd minute. However, his shot was hit the goalpost.
Entering the 87th minute, United's supporters made anxious when goalkeeper De Gea vibrate for a second time. Ajax managed to turn things around when Toby Alderweireld goalkeeper De Gea success after welcoming Ozbiliz free kick.
Unfortunately for Ajax, the goal was not enough to deliver them to the round of 16. January Vertonghen et al are not able to add a goal until the referee's whistle sounded last long. The Red Devils certainly stepped into eighths-final round with a 3-2 aggregate bagging.


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