Monday, February 13, 2012

Agent: Silva Still Survive in Milan

MILAN - AC Milan player, Thiago Silva, decided to stay at the San Siro. This was revealed by the agent directly Silva, Paulo Fernando Tonietto. The news was at once dismissed the news that said he would move to Barcelona.

As is known, in recent years Silva has always been associated with the Spanish team, Barcelona. However, now it was clear that Silva will remain with the Rossoneri.

"Thiago (Silva) has been happy in Milan today. He is a player that has a character quite calm and aware that he was playing in a pretty big club. If, one day he did not stay in Milan, then this is the decision of the club itself, "he said as quoted Tonietto Soccerway on Tuesday (02/14/2012).

Tonietto himself was aware of his client's ability to not strange if Silva is often linked with Barcelona. However, he immediately denied the news and said that so far there is no talk from both camps. In fact, Tonietto said his client was likely to end career with Milan.

"He was a world's best player at his position, so it would be fairly easy when linking him with a club of Barcelona. However, none of the parties of Barcelona, Milan, and Silva will talk about it. All this is just a rumor, "he explained.

"Is it possible if he will end his football career at Milan? He is now 27 years old and has a contract in Milan during the next four years. So, all these things could happen, "he concluded.


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