Sunday, February 19, 2012

"It's Not True Lazio"

PALERMO - Lazio ended miserably slaughtered 5-1 at Renzo Barbera Palermo before dawn Monday. Coach Edy Reja claims that this was not the real Lazio.
The fifth goal Palermo each made by Edgar Barreto, Massimo Donati, Matias Silvestre, IGOS Budan, and Fabrizio Miccoli. While Lazio consolation goal scored by Libor Kozak.
The defeat was a third of poor results, in which Lazio has been defeat in three of the last four games. Reja had hoped this defeat did not make the Laziale disappointed, because the game is not actually a game Biancoceleste.
"This is not true Lazio. We have games that fade completely, "said Reja as reported by Football-Italy on Monday (2/20/2012).
Reja reasoned that some of the many injured players, so he had to juggle being a defender Cristian Ladesma. Indeed, a visit to Sicily, Lazio player crisis. Modibo Diakita, Abdoullay Konko exposed suspension, while Stefan Radu, Marius Stankevicius, Giuseppe Biava, Cristian Brocchi, Lorik Cana, to Tomasso Rocchi is still struggling with injury
"I'm plotting Ladesma on defense because there was no other choice, so of course we are feeling the pinch," he continued.
Worse yet, Andre Dias and Francelino Matuzalem doubt for the next game. The good news, Stefano Mauri may be reduced after injury. "We must unite and can skip this difficulty. We must turn the page and forget the bad results, "he said.


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